Lusso Tan Luxurious Tanning offers you the chance to get a professional, natural, healthy tan that's vegan, organic and alcohol free.

Navi's in Bellshill offer a first-class Lusso Tan natural tan that's quick and very relaxing. Don't struggle at home applying your tan, go for our professional tan and have the confidence that it will look terrific

Lusso Tan’s luxurious range of tanning products are perfect for those looking for a perfect, flawless tan. Lusso Tan tan is quick too apply and Navi’s staff have been fully trained in how to apply the tanning system to get perfect results.

You’ll get a perfect, long lasting professional tan that’s applied in a relaxing, calm environment. 

The Lusso Tan suite of products are a fantastic range of professional salon quality tanning products. None of the products in the Lusso Tan range contain parabens or any other nasty chemicals. They are organic, vegan, alcolhol-free and have not been tested on animals. They’re safe to use during pregnancy too.

Your perfect tan will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed and will help boost your confidence too as you know you’ll look and feel great.

A Lusso Tan tan is very natural-looking, you won’t need to worry about turning orange! The moisture wish ingredients are actually good for your skin and it’s extremely safe to use (unlike a sunbed or even natural sunlight which of course contains harmful UV rays).

So why not free your inner glow? For amazing, natural-looking tanning results book an appointment at Navi’s, we promise you’ll look and feel great!