Traditional eyelash care and the revolutionary LVL Lashes system, whatever system you choose Navi's promise the best eyelash care anywhere

At Navi's in Bellshill we're experts in all aspects of eyelash care. Our beauticians have years of experience working with every type of eyelash product.

LVL Lash Lift is an amazing alternative to traditional eyelash extensions. With LVL Lash Lift you don’t use eyelash curlers, mascara or any false eyelashes, instead you straighten your existing lashes to create the illusion of longer, thinker lashes.  

The low maintenance LVL system adds volume, length and lift to your own eyelashes and should last up to 6 weeks. It’s a gentle system that uses your natural eyelashes, lifting and straightening them on silicon shields. It’s much more gentle and gives you maximum length from your own lashes.

When you book an LVL appointment you need to come to the salon with no eye makeup applied and ensure that you’re not wearing contact lenses. There are a few conditions that will prevent you from using the LVL system, these include if you have had a recent sys infection such as conjunctivities, if you have glaucoma or a cataract, if you have alopecia, are pregnant or have a reaction to the patch test.

Please call the salon if you would like more information on potential issues you think you may have or if you have any questions at all about LVL Lashes.