Nails Treatments and Extensions, Manicures and Pedicures.

Treat your hands and feet at Navi’s in Bellshill. Whether it’s Acrylic Nails or Gel Nails, Navi’s give you stunning nails that are perfect for any occasion

Having a manicure or a pedicure offers the chance to have some relaxing ‘me time’ and something everyone can enjoy regardless of age or dress size.

Manicures and pedicures help to ensure that you have healthy nails, cuticles and skin around them. Both your hands and feet endure quite a hard time as you clean, cook and walk around so they really do deserve some loving!

NSI Nail Attraction
Navi’s offer everything you need to have amazing nails. We’re fully trained in the use of the NSI Nail Attraction system and can promise you quite spectacular acrylic nails that are tailored to your own individual style, perfect for everyday or a very special occasion.

The professional NSI Nails offer incredibly natural looking nails that are strong, flexible, dry instantly under UV light and preserve the health of your natural nails.

Navi’s team of professional beauticians listen to what you would like to achieve, the colours you are interested in, the particular effects you like and then they get to work transformation your nails into mini works of art!

Having a manicure is not only a treat for your nails but also for your hands too! Your hands go through a lot so we make sure they are moisturised and your nails are perfectly shaped and polished, any areas of rough skin are treated and your hands massaged.

Your feet also take a daily beating, so why not give them a relaxing pedicure that really helps keep them healthy and in great shape?

We soak your feet, softening the skin, apply moisturising lotion, filing, shaping and polishing your toenails, leaving your feet looking and feeling fantastic.